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Presentation of the Europass

9 students in the place of honour


On Tuesday, March 18th 2008, in presence of a group of Irish students and their teacher John Colgan , Monsieur Jardat and Madame Pietrzak, Monsieur Rousset – Principal of the Agricultural College- rewarded 9 students with a Europass Mobility following a four-week placement in a foreign farming enterprise.

These placements are facoured by joint financial efforts from the County Council, the European Union ( Leonardo programme) and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Europass Mobility is a personal document which is used to record the different organised periods of time a person spends in another European country for the purpose of learning or training and is very useful when looking for a job.

John Colgan congratulated our students, telling them that they had opened the «  gateway to Europe » by accepting an experience abroad in spite of the language bareer.

He also encouraged the Irsih students to follow the same pattern, emphasizing the fact that numerous French farmers speak English and that the Irish students could rely on their French counterparts from the College for support.

Student Agnes Birin showed she had improved her knowledge in the tongue of Shakespeare by translating John Colgan’s statements when he expressed the satisfaction of Irish farmers regarding the responsible behaviour of the French students they hosted.

Monsieur Rousset then thanked Clonakilty College for their support and Mr Colgan for his involvement and consistent effort to implement projects and ensure the follow-up of our students.

At the conclusion of this presentation, a toast to Franco-Irish friendship was proposed and conversations on these enriching experiences went on.